Breuer is happy to be on radio

Comic returns to Hu Ke Lau on Aug. 12

By G. Michael Dobbs

Managing Editor

Jim Breuer is on satellite radio with a daily show and he's loving it.

"It's a guilty pleasure," he told Reminder Publications.

The popular comic, who is known for his combination of rock and roll and comedy, is coming to the Comedy Connection at Chicopee's Hu Ke Lau for two shows at 7 and 10:30 p.m. on Aug. 12.

Jim Breuer Unleashed is heard every day on Sirius Satellite Channel 147 from 4 to 6 p.m.

Breuer said the radio job has been a "one year goof." He started the show last November.

"By far it's my favorite thing I've ever done," he exclaimed.

Breuer, who started as a stand-up comic, has been a regular on Saturday Night Live and appeared in films (Half-Baked). But he loves his radio show because it allows him to be more of a storyteller.

It's also "paid therapy," he said, as he is able to sit down with two high school friends and a fellow comic and discuss whatever they like in the manner that they like.

Be forewarned: they don't mince words. There's no censorship on satellite radio.

Breuer said the four friends "leave their egos at the door" and talk about things so they "can get on with their lives." He said that one friend is a musician, while another works at an airport.

"I love it. We heal a lot of people," Breuer explained. He said that once a listener hears how messed up their lives are, listeners' lives seems better. He added the show features "tofu and sandals wisdom" along with blistering comedy.

Listening to excerpts of the show on Breuer's web site the show sounds like a Breuer version of TV's The View, only with a lot of gags, guests such as comic Dave Atell and musician Vince Neil, and calls from listeners.

Rather than the daily show impeding his stand-up career, Breuer said that he has been creating new material through the daily shows.

"I'm the best at my game," he said. The show has "opened so many doors creatively."

Breuer, who still tours with a band, (who will be on-stage with him in Chicopee) doesn't miss television and is now planning direct-to-DVD releases of his work, such as Hardcore, his first DVD. His contract for the radio show ends in November and he would love to extend it if he could. He's considering assembling an audio CD that would collect the best moments of the first year.

For now, though, Breuer said, "I really do like making people feel better."