Camp Moses Reservation to host Apple Jam Roots Music Festival

Date: 5/11/2015

RUSSELL – The 2015 Apple Jam Roots Music Festival will take place Aug. 21 to 23 at Camp Moses Reservation, 310 Birch Hill Road. This sixth Apple Jam will continue the tradition of featuring American roots genres including bluegrass, blues, indie, funk, rock, and Americana.

The reservation’s 1,600 wooded acres will provide an idyllic background for the festival’s spirit of harmony and connectedness.

The growth of the festival this year has included a partnership with a talented group dedicated to creating premier, community-driven events throughout the Western Mass. region.

The Apple Jam was originally created in 2007 by Phelps to provide a meeting ground for the family of bands and fans accumulated through his music career. It has since evolved into a more inclusive event that promotes original, roots-based music and encourages a widespread kinship through the shared musical experience. For more information, visit