Northampton Arts Council funds local projects

Date: 5/29/2015

NORTHAMPTON – The Northampton Arts Council is pleased to announce the awarding of 23 grants totaling $15,000 in support of a variety of projects from funds raised through event programming such as the end of summer music festival Transperformance and the winter event series Four Sundays in February.

The caliber of applications this round was outstanding, and we were unable to fund many worthy projects.

The Arts Council received 52 requests for almost $73,000 of funding. Grants were awarded in the following categories: Dance, Film/Video, Literature, Mixed Media, Music, Theater and Visual Arts. For more information about our grants please visit:


$750 to Olana Flynn of Terra Nullius Collective for “Terra Nullius Quarterly Publication.”


$400 to Luke Jaegar for “Black Maria Film Festival Tour.”


$600 to Patrick Donnelly for “Poets for Life.”

$500 to Emily Wojcik of The Massachusetts Review for “The Space Between: Women Artisans of Massachusetts.”

$400 to Rachel Statham for “Mistress Issue I & Release Reading.”

Mixed Media

$500 to Amanda Herman for “Live Art Magazine Issue 3.”

$750 to BZ Reily and Polly Cassel for “April Fools Giant Puppets.”

$500 to Ximena Kilroe of Laurel Park Association for “Chautauqua Revival Arts Festival.”


$1,200 to Paul Arslanian for “Northampton Jazz Workshop.”

$1,250 to Steven Campbell for “2015 Northampton Jazz Festival.”

$750 to Jason Trotta of Northampton Community Music Center for “Northampton Community Children’s Choir.”

$400 to Roger Salloom for “Roger Salloom’s 33rd Annual Concert at Look Park.


$1,500 to Sam Rush of New Century Theatre for “Mr. Burns, A Post Electric Play by Anne Washburn.”

$500 to Robert Freedman for “Soldier’s Heart.”

$800 to Sheryl Stoodley of Serious Play! Theatre Ensemble for “Endgame.”

Visual Arts

$750 to Ramiro Davaro-Comas for “Floating Thoughts.”

$400 to Judith Inglese for “Collecting Their Thoughts: Two Women.”

$500 to Penny Burke of Northampton Center for the Arts for “Arts Night Out En Plein Air.”

$400 to Anna Bayles Arthur for “Image and Ritual.”

$500 to Alan Poisson for “Before I die ... Northampton, MA."

$400 to Kathy Couch for “The A.P.E. Microworks Show.”

$250 to Brielle Dickert for “Surviving When Words Could No Longer.”