Pioneer Valley residents audition for The Bachelor

Damion Lee Goudreau of Ware tried out to be "The Bachelor."
By Natasha Clark

Reminder Assistant Editor

Standing at the top of the Eiffel Tower, letting all their cares blow away in the wind ... looking into one another's eyes as they vow to spend the rest of their lives together no, we're not describing the sudden engagement of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, we're imagining the possible upcoming ending of ABC's hit The Bachelor, next season.

More than 60 western Massachusetts hopefuls turned up on Aug. 10 and 11, to be The Bachelor or Bachelorettes on ABC's eighth edition of the primetime show scheduled to air in January.

Set to take place outside of the United States for the first time, the reality series follows a bachelor as he romances 25 women before finding 'the one' who he feels is suited for him and ultimately could ask the woman to marry him at the end of the series.

Reminder Publications was there as bachelors and bachelorettes, one-after-one, applied to be on the show and was granted inside access as they auditioned on tape thanks to local television station WGGB, Channel 40.

"ABC reached out across the country [to their affiliates]," explained Jim McKeever, Promotion Manager at WGGB-TV. "They wanted to focus on smaller markets."

On Aug. 11, WGGB-TV set up shop outside of Northeast Laser Center for three hours, and provided Bachelorette and Bachelor Questionnaires. Once completed participants, one-by-one, went inside Northeast Laser and participated in a brief taped Q & A.

At first sight, the questionnaire contains questions that one might find on the average job application, but further down that changes. For example, the questionnaire asks the applicant:

Have you ever had a temporary restraining order issued against you?

Have you ever filed for bankruptcy?

How many serious relationships have you been in?

What happened to end those relationships?

What is the unique talent of which you are most proud?

Are you willing to relocate if selected by the Bachelor?

Inside Northeast Laser, the lobby area was turned into a small studio, where lighting, sound and cameras were set up and already rolling when Reminder Publications entered.

The first possible cast member is a blonde female. She seemed easy in front of the camera. Loren Christiansen of WGGB sat underneath the camera asking her questions, but not before they asked to turn to her left for a profile shot and the camera slow tilted down, skimming her from head to toe.

The young woman said that, around here, everyone knows everyone. On camera she admitted that she and her sister have concocted a "do not date list," to avoid dating one another's ex's or friends.

Later on another blonde woman with a petite body frame said she was hoping to "find my best friend" on the Bachelor.

She did not want this writer to take her photo in case she is not picked to go to Paris.

Most of the questions asked of the applicants were "Why do you want to be on the Bachelor?" or "What are you looking for or attracted to?" in a potential date.

The first male to enter the room during Reminder Publications' visit was about six feet tall, with a medium build and slightly balding. When he smiled the light reflected off of his silver braces. Upon entrance, the Springfield resident said something about being on "California time," and he and the crew briefly broke into a discussion about the west coast state.

The next gentleman to audition to be the Bachelor was Damion Lee Goudreau of Ware. He had no problem with having his photo taken and he was immeditaly at ease in front of the video camera. A gym owner, Goudreau said that being on the Bachelor would be a great opportunity.

Why does he want to be the Bachelor?

"I pretty much dated every woman in Western Massachusetts," Goodreau responded.

His favorite attribute of a woman?

"Her personality," he answered.

He took a moment to think of the women he dated. In conclusion he said what they all had in common was that "every woman had a great sense of humor."

His taping must have went well, because when the camera cut, everyone wished him luck, and WGGB asked for a brief on- camera interview outside, to which he obliged.

McKeever told Reminder Publications that the selection process is "pretty quick." If selected, participants would be in Paris within two weeks.

This is the first time The Bachelor will be taped outside of the United States. The Bachelor is schedueld to air on Monday nights in January. Stay tuned to see if your neighbor is in Paris for a little romance.