Pop/R&B group seeks additional member

Massachusetts can add an item to its list of claims to fame; the aspiring Pop/R&B group 4u2nV. The flavorful pop sounds that ensconce one's senses when 4u2nV is playing are rich, melodious and laden with luscious grooves.

Massachusetts' very own Pop/R&B artists 4u2nV, based out of Chicopee, are a few months away from being showcased in front of major record labels. But, before this happens, they need to add an additional member to their group.

4u2nV is searching for an experienced, self-motivated male vocalist between the ages of 17 and 23 to join their well established Pop/R&B group. It is a must that this individual has a passion for music and is very serious about pursuing a musical career. If interested in auditioning, please contact 4u2nV's manager, via email at stellato72@yahoo.com.

The group is working with Ric Poulin of Bristol Production Studios, Boston (the founder and manager of the Pop/R&B group Jada, recently signed by Universal's Motown) as well as collaborating with other artists and major industry professionals to produce their second album. Promoters are working on scheduling new shows. 4u2nV's self-titled debut has been busy garnering support from fans and critics. The group has been making its mark in the indie scene and is ready to break into the big time. To further promote the debut album, 4u2nV are also members of A&R Select, the hottest indie A&R firm in Hollywood, Calif.

4u2nV performed with Dan Sky, from "Making the Band 4" at the Canoby Lake Pitch Show in Salem, N.H. (which will allow them to perform at Canoby Lake during the 2008 season). They also performed for Radio Disney, Six Flags New England, the USA World Showcase, Las Vegas where they were the recipient of the Best Performance Award, Hampton Beach's 100-year celebration, and they were invited back to perform at the Hampton Idol Competition in front of thousands of spectators. At the Massachusetts Association for Fairs Banquet they performed in front of several entertainment managers and many, many more.

"While we have been able to successfully write and produce our own music, to cross into the mainstream playing field, we are looking to sign with a major record label," their manager, Jimmy Stellato of Stellato Entertainment, said. He is guiding the group through this endeavor and within the next few months, 4u2nV will be showcased in front of several major record labels.

4u2nV's first album self-titled "4u2nV" is available on iTunes, eMusic, Napster, Connect, Music.com, GroupieTunes in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Europe and France.

You can view 4u2nV on their Myspace page at www.myspace.com/doa4u2nV.