Upcoming Crommet CD reviewed

By Levon Kinney

Staff Intern

Dennis Crommett -- The Evening Sorrow

Sitting on the hard and cold floor of an empty apartment that is filled with memories he doesn't want to remember is the scene Crommett paints with simple yet poignant lyrics and weaving melodies, on his new CD "The Evening Sorrow."

Crommet's style is a throwback to the melodic and genuinely emotional music of folks like Leonard Cohen, Simon and Garfunkel, or the more recent My Morning Jacket.

Recorded in an old and lonely house in the old and lonely city of Holyoke, he becomes inspired by the struggle the house and city go through trying to maintain in the dilapidated state it is currently in.

The rolling guitar that starts out "Thank God it's the Morning of," is harmonized with the soft sounds of a cello. Crommett sings of the oncoming sunrise and the healing nature that light brings to his sorrowful life.

The melancholy mood of the album gets a little old halfway through listening, but it does drive Crommett to write some really nice songs. "Basement Friends" is about the group of friends who occupy his life and is driven by a steady drumbeat and accompanied by a pedal-steel guitar that gives it a real rocking sound.

"Oranges and Reds" could be seen as either the beauty of a lovely fall day or the fire that consumes Crommett and the pain he feels from it. The songs are easily relatable to those who have spent some lonely nights in New England. Relaxing and soft, Dennis Crommett will sing you into a gentle sleep where his melodies will make your neurons swoon with pleasant dreams.

For more information on Dennis Crommett visit his site (www.denniscrommett.com) or see him live at his CD release party on Dec. 2 at the Iron Horse Music Hall in Northampton.