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Stand Up and get Down has potential

Stand Up and Get Down

"We Have Something to Celebrate"

By Danielle Paine

Reminder Publications

The fresh sounds of band Stand Up and Get Down on their new album "We have something to celebrate," is sure to give some young music lovers a reason to celebrate with them. Comprised of four high school students, this band has musical talents far beyond their years.

What might get them more jeers than cheers however is the poor-quality mixing of the tracks and lead vocals that don't always flatter the music.

Some songs such as "Who killed the forgetting machine" are catchy, fun and almost radio worthy. The one downer to nearly every tune was hard to hear vocals. It was hard not to be disappointed after an amazing musical intro lead to lack-luster lyrics and vocals, giving the whole thing just a better-than-the average-garage-band quality.

On the flip side, their added audio surprises like hand clapping, keep the album interesting and every song very different.

While paying their dues playing local clubs to create a following, Stand Up and Get Down should do just fine (even though they still won't be able to hang out in bar after their set for the next few years.) These guys should be commended for their budding talents and ambition especially while still in high school.

With a lot of fine tuning and some defining of their style, they may just have something that mainstream punk/pop fans will eat up with a spoon.

The album is available through