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Have Dinner With Your Kids

When was the last time your family sat down for dinner together? When listing the highlights of our family vacation, we include the memories of the scenic ports of call; the awe of the spectacular cruise ship; the great food and entertainment; and having meals as a family for a week.

With a college age 20 year old, and an 18 year old senior in high school, having dinner with the kids becomes a victim of "life getting in the way". Anyone with school age children can relate to the scarcity of family time due to their extra curricular activities, jobs, sports, relationships, and friends. It seems that it's just the two of us at the dinner table most days. A vacation should be a chance to escape from work and reconnect with your family.

While on vacation, at dinner we kid around, talk about the day, discuss plans for the evening and tomorrow, dare someone to try a food that is outside of their usual comfort zone, learn about the cultures and lives of the waiter and his assistant, and get to learn even more about each other's tastes and interests. Away from the pressures and distractions of everyday life, the conversation with our kids can turn from the usual "did you do your homework?" or "how was school?" kind of questions, to world events, politics, their hopes and their dreams. These are those moments, and we all know them, where something comes up and you end up looking at your kids in a way that is slightly different from before and you realize, "I really like these people!" Elements of bonding together and friendships emerge. We know some of the best conversations we have with our kids typically take place in the car. well vacationing together is like that, but you can actually look at them too (instead of the highway).

Take this concept even further and invite your extended family to join you. Take the Grand-parents, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins and let everyone get to know each other better. The Cruise Store can arrange your family vacation or reunion and help you create that life long memory.

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