Capa di Roma's famous sauce now available in grocery stores

Date: 8/3/2009

Capa di Roma Pasta Sauces won the Best Pasta Sauce in Connecticut Award by the Connecticut Specialty Food Association. (above) Siblings Frank and Emilia Capaccio accept their top award.
Capa di Roma Pasta Sauces are now available in Big Y and Stop & Shop supermarkets. The family-owned business has come a long way since its well-known sauces were orignated from the Capaccio family restaurant in East Hartford, Conn., in 1982.

Emilia Capaccio, who runs the company with her younger brother Frank, said her parents came over to the United States 43 years ago with the dream of owning their own restaurant.

"Over the years our customers would enjoy our great meals and then ask to bring home a container of marinara sauce, and being a family restaurant and appreciating our loyal customers we gave away the sauce in plastic containers," Capaccio recalled. "As time went by the demand got so high that we started packaging our sauce in bigger plastic containers and selling it from our freezer. But we sold the sauce faster then it could freeze so the 'a-ha!' moment came for us to bottle our sauce."

Since 2001 they have expanding their sauce to be sold in retail stores all over the New England area. With distribution set with Big Y and Stop & Shop, the Capaccios are glad that their sauce will be available to more families.

"It's a great joy to see our sauce on the shelves of the grocery stores we shop in right here in town," Capaccio said.