Dziok joins Access to Media as marketing director

Date: 8/31/2009

CHICOPEE Liz Jusko, vice-president of Sales & Marketing at Access To Media LLC, announced the appointment of Diana Dziok as Marketing Director.

Jusko brought Dziok onboard after an extensive search that spanned the nation.

"Diana's enthusiasm and upbeat personality are just what we needed. We are a fun, creative and very talented, diverse team, and she has helped to portray that in our marketing. Diana's ideas are fresh and young, with a very out-of-the-box approach. I'm excited to see her helping to advance my vision for Access To Media moving into the future. Her knack for innovation is a breath of fresh air. Her everyday contributions remind us just how lucky we are to have her as part of our team," Jusko said.

Dziok previously worked with Network Affiliates and Reminder Publications as director of branding and marketing. She recognized that the advertising industry is especially competitive during a time when every company is trying to get the most out of their budget. She created a strong plan to attract and maintain a customer base through keeping up with changes in the industry, specifically as it relates to creative.

Dziok believes her main challenge will be competing with large agencies. However, this challenge excites Dziok because she knows Access To Media has comparable knowledge when it comes to new and innovative media, plus offers far better customer service than most agencies, specifically as there are no up-front fees for clients.

In her short tenure with Access To Media, Dziok has created a new look for Access To Media, from the logo to the Web site design. She described the concept as a focus on the unique features of the company avant-garde, refreshing, zealous, bright. A vibrant blue and green found in the logo, Web site and promotional material illustrate these features and the affable nature of the company.

She views the process of creative revitalization as a way to offer clients an intriguing and interactive way to introduce new concepts. She has also developed a contest that is open to all those who visit the newly redesigned Web site. Those visitors to the new Web site are asked to rate the Web site, and are entered into a contest that offers prizes such as iTunes gift cards, gift cards and more.

In addition to bringing her own talent to Access To Media, Dziok is responsible for adding the award-winning graphic designer, photographer and author Kitti Scibelli to the Access To Media staff. Dziok explained, "The addition of Kitti allows us to design media campaigns with a consistent message. We are experiencing a growth in advertising in all types of new media. Delivering a consistent message for our clients across all media is key."

Dziok, a native of Chicopee, received her degree in communications from Western New England College (WNEC). Dziok lectures at WNEC and also volunteers in Massachusetts communities as a speaker at conferences for career guidance and development. She is on the marketing committee of the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce. Dziok has won numerous awards for creative marketing. She has also appeared in several commercials and received an Ad Club award for her appearance in a television commercial for a New Hampshire company.

For additional information contact Dziok directly at 206-0718 or visit