Entrepreneurial blog gets picked up by new Web site

Date: 11/2/2010

SPRINGFIELD -- The Lioness Group is proud to announce that their blog, Lionesspreneur.blogspot.com, featuring founder Natasha Clark has been syndicated at the new Web site, Urbanconomist.com.

"We are excited that our readership is expanding. I am having the time of my life sharing achievements and stumbles as I navigate my way as entrepreneur. There is no right way to do everything. But, man, if you can avoid a pothole, why not? That's what Lionesspreneur has been sharing what I've learned works and doesn't work. We can't thank the Urbanconomist.com enough for seeing the value in our blog," Clark said.

The mission of Urbanconomist is to celebrate and inform readers about black business moves in the African American and minority community from celebrities and government officials to local entrepreneurs and cultural trailblazers.

The brand new and rapidly emerging beta site began reporting in August, 2010, and is currently undergoing a soft opening as it continues to expand and acquire talented writers.

"The Urbanconomist team is excited to have Natasha Clark on board for this venture, as she brings a wealth of literary, professional and entrepreneurial experience to her upcoming column 'Lionesspreneur' which will be featured on Urbanconomist.com," Founder and Editor Allison Elizabeth, said.

You can find new Lionesspreneur columns weekly at www.Urbanconomist.com.

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