Mex Table to open soon at Tower Square

Date: 8/16/2010

SPRINGFIELD As if things were not already busy enough at the popular Hot Table restaurant located on Main Street at Tower Square, the owners have decided to put their success and expertise to good use, and open yet another eatery called Mex Table to be located upstairs in the food court.

Featuring fresh and authentic made-to-order burritos, Mex Table will add the taste of Mexico to the international Citywalk Cafes food court. Mex Table will be joining five other food vendors, Fantastico, ComboWok, Tower Grill, Villa Pizza and LeGreque, thus filling the last vacant space in the food court.

Co-owners John DeVoie, Chris DeVoie and Don Watroba are hoping to have the new eatery open for business by Sept. 1, in time to greet the Springfield School Department moving in across the street as well as workers returning from summer vacation.

"We intend to use the same standards of providing the best in food quality and customer service at Mex Table, as we do at Hot Table," explains John Devoie, who says business at the Hot Table, which opened at Tower Square just a year ago, as well as the original Hot Table in Sixteen Acres, continues to thrive.

"It is clear to us that our formula is working for serving paninis at Hot Table, so we decided to extend that formula to fill the need for authentic Mexican burritos in the food court at Tower Square," added DeVoie, "Thus the concept for Mex Table was created."

"We are very pleased at the success of Hot Table and are looking forward to adding another successful eatery at Tower Square with the opening of Mex Table," Fred Christensen, senior property manager, CBRE/Tower Square, said.

The Mex Table menu will include a choice of burrito fillings including chicken, steak, pulled pork and vegetarian. There will also be sides such as chips, salsa and guacamole.

For more information contact John DeVoie at 733-1400.