Pay and People Consulting celebrates firm’s opening

Date: 6/11/2015

LONGMEADOW – Linda and Garrett Ulrich announce the opening of Pay and People Consulting (PPC), a human resources consulting firm focused on developing human resources (HR) programs that attract, retain and motivate “people resources.”

Managing employees is critical to achieving outstanding business results. As the work environment becomes more competitive for talent, organizations must ensure that their employees are engaged and committed to the success of the business.   

PPC assists organizations in implementing pay and people solutions that drive a culture of success and improve business results by:
• Establishing strategic HR programs to engage employees and enhance productivity
• Developing pay programs that link employee pay and business performance
• Coaching individuals and teams to enhance their performance and achieve career success
• Functioning in a human resources department leadership and management capacity on a temporary/interim basis.

“We understand business issues for executives and owners and how to use human capital to move the business forward in today’s environment, it’s what we do best”, according to both Linda and Garrett.

Linda and Garrett Ulrich together have over four decades of combined experience dealing with everyday organizational issues related to human resources, ranging from executive leadership positions at Fortune 100 companies through consulting engagements for large and small organizations.   

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