Seams Cool Sewing & Design School opens in Ludlow

Date: 5/1/2015

LUDLOW – Seams Cool Sewing & Design School opened its doors to the public April 18 with a grand opening ceremony filled with sewing and craft demonstrations.

With the recent gain in popularity of crafting sites like Pinterest and television shows like Project Runway, the dying art of sewing has been given a new light in the world of pop culture. However, young people don’t have many opportunities to learn the skill with home economics no longer offered as part of school curriculums and unlike generations in the past, very few parents took the time to learn to sew and now are not able to pass it on to their children.

Seams Cool Sewing & Design School is a place where adults and children can come and learn a new, life-long skill in a fun, inspiring atmosphere that fosters creativity. With basic skill classes for those looking to just learn the craft all the way to birthday parties and fun project classes where students make something cool that they can actually wear, Seams Cool focuses on the exciting, creative side of the art.

“My grandmother taught me how to sew when I was five years old and I was hooked ever since. I make things for myself and for my home all the time and my girlfriends would beg me to teach them how to do it, so one-by-one I taught them how to sew. When they showed the things they made to their co-workers and family and I soon became the go-to to teach people how to use that sewing machine that had been in their closet for years, barely ever taken out of the box,” owner Jennifer Godin said. “I realized that there are not only very few places that people can go to take sewing lessons, but people don’t go to them because they aren’t fun. I wanted Seams Cool to be a space that people want to be, that made them feel inspired and want to do more.

“Sewing and being creative is such an important part of my life, I couldn’t imagine if I had never been shown how to sew all those years ago. That’s why I decided to open Seams Cool, to give people a chance to feel that awesome feeling that I get every time I complete a project and it came out good. You feel like you’re on top of the world,” she continued.

Seams Cool Sewing and Design School offers sewing lessons to children and adults. Located in Ludlow, the school also offers knitting, quilting and other general crafting classes for beginners who are totally new to their craft, all the way up to novice level experts. With an intoxicatingly creative environment it’s a perfect outlet for those looking to leave the outside world behind and let their inner creativity flourish for an hour or two. For more information, visit