Tech Foundry collects $90,000 during ‘Valley Gives Day’

Date: 1/2/2015

SPRINGFIELD – For the past three years, Valley Gives Day has been a boon for area nonprofits. In their first year as a contender, Tech Foundry raised $90,000 in the 24-hour fundraising event. They got an extra push from a $4,000 bonus for being the top fundraiser among 1st time participants in this year’s event, and other bonus prizes totaling $1,250.

In addition, Tech Foundry was helped along by an anonymous donor who offered to match all donations up to $50,000. Though they fell slightly short of the $50,000 goal, which would have netted them an even $100,000, the donor generously pledged the entire $50,000.

Other funds came the old-fashioned way, with a total of $23,334 coming in via the Valley Gives site. The difference was made up with a $5,000 contribution from another anonymous donor, as well as first time donor bonuses, a Golden Ticket prize and some donations made in advance of the pledge drive.

Founded by Paragus IT CEO Delcie Bean, Tech Foundry is a nonprofit education and job placement program looking to transform underemployed and overlooked populations into a powerful and robust workforce in the informational technology field.

With partners such as MassMutual, Davis Foundation, UMass and Baystate Health, Tech Foundry raised nearly $450,000 to get started. These additional funds from Valley Gives Day will go a long way toward helping them continue their mission as they begin the hunt for a full time Executive Director.

Tech Foundry aims to create a homegrown workforce for the many area businesses looking for tech professionals. They began the program this year with an inaugural class of high school students. Upon completing the program and graduating high school, the goal is to place students in an entry-level IT job in the Valley in the $30,000 to $40,000 range. In 2015, Tech Foundry will be expanding their program to include veterans and disadvantaged youth.

In the long term, Tech Foundry aims to turn Western Massachusetts into a technology hub, attracting companies from all over the country to locate some of their high-tech jobs here in the Pioneer Valley.