Tre Olive sets up headquarters in E.L.

Date: 11/22/2010

EAST LONGMEADOW -- An East Longmeadow company is the new U.S. headquarters of a thriving Italian olive growing business. Tre Olive sells and ships authentic extra virgin olive oil harvested from the Tre Olive groves in Calabria, Italy.

Tre Olive is part of an olive oil business that has been owned and run by the same family since 1934. The new Tre Olive is its first foray into online retail sales. The company's newest product offers the "adoption" of authentic Tre Olive olive trees in Italy, with the recipients receiving liters of high-quality extra virgin olive oil from their very own trees.

Joe Maruca and Alexandro Falvo, both members of the Tre Olive founding Fazio/Falvo family, run the U.S. Tre Olive operations. Their cousin, Diego Fazio, is based in Calabria, handling the harvesting and bottling. Bottles of the olive oil are shipped to the U.S. from Italy, then Maruca and Falvo fulfill orders from a warehouse on Maple Street. They also handle the marketing of

"We wanted to create a unique opportunity for our customers that allows them to be a bigger part of what we do," said Maruca. "When you receive the olive oil from your tree, aside from tasting amazing, it's much more satisfying than any oil you buy at retail because it comes with a story that you can share with your family and friends."

Many of the trees in the Tre Olive grove are nearly a century old, growing in an environment where the temperature and climate are perfect for cultivation of premium olives. All are cared for by hand by dedicated family members who have worked in the groves for decades, with experience that has been passed on through generations. Extra virgin olive oil is the highest quality olive oil and Tre Olive's extra virgin olive oil meets the standards of the International Olive Oil Council.

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