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Orthodontist gives back

Date: 10/24/2013

SPRINGFIELD – October is National Orthodontic Month, and the staff at R. Scott Smith Orthodontics will celebrate by kicking off its Let’s Get Something Straight – Give Back Program.

News today tells of tragic situations where children are targets of bullying – no one should be treated poorly because they are different. Children with low self-esteem can be at even greater risk. Everyday, the staff witnesses the transformation from an awkward beginning to a happy teen whose smile radiates confidence. It’s the best part of their job.

The office wants everyone to have the opportunity to benefit from orthodontic treatment, and the staff prides themselves in keeping braces affordable because for families. The business belongs to two national organizations that offer free or nearly free care programs, however it is looking for a way to give back directly to the surrounding communities, so it established its own program.

The location is accepting applications from children in need of orthodontic treatment. The application is brief, but does require an essay, which must be written by the child, explaining why he or she feels that a new smile would change his or her life.

The deadline to apply is Dec. 1. A candidate will be chosen the following week. This program will be repeated several times throughout the year. To request an application, call 783-1111. For more information, visit