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Newest Black Belt Students

CONGRATULATIONS Grand Master Han and his staff are proud to announce their newest Black Belt students. Front row (L-R): Britney O'Neil, Emily Burt, Martina Marrone, John Yi, LaRessa Tessier and Christina Fimognari. Second Row: Head Instructor Tim Saunders, Daniel Krahala, Marcia Wysk, Weston Fazzino, Brandon Behnk, Steffi Wysk, Jaime Vasquez, Brandon Warren Dustin Vasquez, Caleb Cruzado, Joey Coleman, Master Jung. Third row: Christina Ransom, Deganit Armon, Mitchell Coleman, Matthew Zitka, Matthew Kajka, Kevin Flynn, Jee Soo Park, and Christian Litcher. A Black Belt is not something you wear, it is something you become.

Reminder Publications submitted photo