Agawam family opens Moe’s Donuts

Date: 7/30/2015

AGAWAM – High school sweethearts Maureen and Mark Weiner have a passion for tantalizing the taste buds of others.

That passion was evident on the afternoon of July 23 when they set up their weekly Moe’s Donuts tent at the Westfield Farmers’ Market.

“Always fresh, simply irresistible” is their motto and for Kelly Galanis of Westfield, a regular patron, their donuts fit the bill.

“I like them all, especially the cider donuts,” said Galanis.

Galanis noted that her purchase of an assortment of donuts including raised, blueberry lemon, and cider, would also be appreciated by her mom and husband.

“I’ll be back again as long as the market is running,” she said.

The couple makes all of the donuts on-site with Mark in the rear handling the batter duty and cooking while Maureen chats with customers and processes orders.

Maureen Weiner noted their cider donut is their best seller, followed by the sugar raised. Currently, a seasonal blueberry lemon donut is also offered. When the fall season arrives, the couple will switch to a seasonal pumpkin donut.

“We also have mini fried dough called beignets which can be covered in powdered sugar, honey, cinnamon and sugar,” she said. The beignets are 75 cents each or three for $2.

Donuts are priced at $1.50 each or six for $7 or 13 for $12.

The couple both grew up in East Longmeadow, only living a few miles apart.

“We have been married for 35 years,” said Maureen Weiner, adding they are now “empty nesters” with their daughters, Lauren, 23, in the social work field, and Ally, 20, attending Roger Williams University, majoring in business.

“We had thought about what we want to do when we retire and that’s how Moe’s Donuts developed,” she said. Maureen’s nickname since childhood is “Moe.”

“Donuts are not what folks would consider a healthy food,” said Maureen Weiner. “While donuts may not have the nutritional benefits of other products, we consider a donut to be more than just food – it is part of a positive bonding experience that brings people together.”

Weiner added that donuts can create a “special moment for families and friends.”

Mark Weiner said his early years watching his grandmother, Edith Weiner, in her kitchen helped him understand the importance of measuring proportions correctly to make every mix just right.

“My grandmother worked in a bakery in North Brookfield during the Great Depression,” he said, adding that he was always amazed at the “magic she could do with flour, sugar and cinnamon. Her whole house was filled with a wonderful aroma.”

Maureen Weiner’s family of farmers also taught her from an early age about the importance of using the “freshest and best ingredients” when cooking for others.

“If you look at our Facebook page, you will see some photos of customers’ kids enjoying a donut with a big smile on their faces,” she said. “So while a donut may not be the most physically healthy food, it can certainly be a spiritually healthy food.”

In addition to the Westfield Farmers’ Market, the Weiners also participate in the weekly Forest Park Farmers’ Market in Springfield.

For more information on events and arranging private parties, visit or call 478-7450.

The Weiners also welcome “likes” on their page.

“It’s a fun thing to do,” said Maureen Weiner. “We’ve been successful thanks to our wonderful customers and look forward to keeping it going when we retire to South Carolina one day.”