New England Dermatology opens med spa

Date: 2/26/2015

WESTFIELD – The New England Dermatology and Laser Center has added another facet to its practice, but this time the focus is on tranquility.

The Spa at New England Dermatology has opened in Westfield, offering customers a unique experience of relaxation along with medical expertise, according to Shannon Page, the clinical operations manager for New England Dermatology.

The addition of The Spa on Union Street opened early in February and offers the works: facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, Botox, manicures, pedicures, massages, body treatments, laser hair removal and phototherapy.

Through cool colors and a relaxed atmosphere, The Spa appears to be just that. Page said that what their facility offers goes above the average day spa.

“We are a med spa, and what sets us apart from many of the other day spas or salon spas is the fact that we have a few board certified dermatologists,” Page said.

The difference with having dermatologists on the staff is that they can and will provide the best treatment, not only from a cosmetic standpoint but from a medical one, as well, Page said.

New England Dermatology has offices in Springfield, Holyoke, Westfield, Longmeadow and Northampton, which offer some of the services offered at The Spa. The atmosphere, however, is entirely different.    

“When you walk in here to The Spa, it’s a very calming, serene feeling. You just kind of take a deep breath and exhale and go, ‘Yes.’ You know, that feeling,” Page said. “You will receive that same treatment in one of our Renew esthetic suites, but you’re walking into a medical office where people are in white lab coats, and it’s a very sterile type of environment until you get into the room. Some people prefer that, where most people, like myself, prefer that relaxing atmosphere. When you pull in, it hits you. It’s really a relaxing and wonderful experience, so we’re really excited and proud to be able to offer this.”

The idea to take the services that New England Dermatology already offered and put them in a spa setting was formed years ago, Page said, but it was not until about six months ago that things began rolling.

Page has worked alongside Laurie Circosta, The Spa’s esthetic supervisor, from the beginning. Page said that Circosta has been a great resource and person to collaborate with, as The Spa was a long process that required dedication and attention to detail.

“Seeing it come together, envisioning it, and Laurie and I together have done everything together from soup to nuts, from start to finish,” Page said. “She’s a wonderful person to work with as a team. It truly is a labor of love because we’ve picked every tile, every piece of wood, every color just to try to make it feel perfect, like a real spa.”

Despite the hard work, long hours and deciding on the smallest details of The Spa, Page said her favorite part has been seeing the end product.

“I think having that vision and seeing it all come together at the end; I think that is the most gratifying that we could have hoped for,” Page said.

At the end of the day, The Spa is meant to help its patrons find relaxation and peace. Page said that patients of New England Dermatology had expressed interest in the type of service The Spa offers, but beyond that, it is the culture in which we live that drive people to seek this tranquility.

“I think that nowadays people are more aware of their bodies, not just women but men too. We all want to look young and feel young and we can offer that here,” Page said. “We can offer treatments that are going to make people feel good about themselves or keep them looking young and fresh. People ask for it and that was part of the demand, too.”
 Page said that the name of New England Dermatology being associated with The Spa brings a certain level of credibility to its clients. The staff is made up of “top-notch” professionals, some of whom have even closed their own practices to join The Spa, according to Page.

Though The Spa comes jam-packed with medical expertise, Page said it is first and foremost a spa, and she wants to make sure clients recognize that they can get the best of both worlds.

“I want them to know it’s the spa and not the white coats because they’re not going to find that here. They’re going to find tranquil and beautiful flowers and soft music. You’re going to find that,” Page said.

To schedule an appointment or to learn more about the services The Spa offers, call 686-9800 or visit