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New benefits administrator chosen at selectmen's meeting

Date: 12/7/2009

By Courtney Llewellyn

Reminder Assistant Editor

EAST LONGMEADOW -- A retirement left the benefits administrator position in the town clerk's office open in September, but a decision at the Dec. 3 Board of Selectmen's meeting ensured the department would be back at full complement.

Tom Florence, Town Clerk/Collector/Treasurer, noted that 52 applications had been received for the position. That number was narrowed down to the top eight, then the top three. The top three candidates -- Debra Boucher, Sara Anderson and Corinne Tranghese -- gave their final interviews to the selectmen. The selectmen voted unanimously to appoint Tranghese to the position.

"It was a great group of candidates," Selectman Jim Driscoll stated, "but we always try to lean toward town residents when all else is equal. Corinne's degree [in computer science] will also be a benefit for that position."

Tranghese described herself as honest, a quick learner and an empathetic ear for fellow residents.

Florence explained that the benefits administrator has several key functions in the town clerk's office. These include administering health benefits to town employees, making changes to plans when necessary, providing information to the Hampden County Regional Retirement System and reconciling health plans through the town's MUNIS system -- financial management software designed to integrate information across an entire organization.

"We needed someone in this position that could help us automate our records and organize them," Florence said. "I definitely think Corinne can do that."

If everything goes to plan, Florence would like to see Tranghese start in the town clerk's office on Dec. 20.