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Comcast makes donation to Homework House

Date: 9/25/2015

HOLYOKE – To introduce the new Comcast Internet Essentials program, the company donated $2,500 to Homework House, along with two iPads and backpacks with school supplies.

Dan Glanville, vice president for Government and Regulatory Affairs for Comcast’s Western New England Region, told the staff and a number of the children enrolled at Homework House, “the Internet is the great equalizer.”

He asked the children to raise their hands if they had a computer at home. About half of them do, which was the same response if they have access to the Internet.

Homework House provides free after school tutoring and mentoring to children in grades K-6.

Noting that people use the Internet for everything from filling out job and school applications, to completing homework and doing research. He added, “The world is an electronic world.”

Mayor Alex Morse said the program helps address “the digital divide.” Internet Essentials provides high speed Internet service for $9.95 a month. Families who are eligible for the program must have at least one child who is eligible for the National School Lunch Program; live in an area where Comcast Internet is available; not have subscribed to Comcast within the last 90 days; and not have outstanding debt to Comcast that is less than a year old.

State Rep. Aaron Vega praised the program as “being one of the best ones in the city” and said it gives children “a leg up when you go forward in your education.”

School Receiver Dr. Stephen Zrike said, “Nothing is more important than getting you ready for the world of tomorrow.”

To apply for Internet Essentials, call 855-339-6944.