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Holyoke Chamber chooses Rosenkranz as "Business Person of Year"

By Alex Ross

Staff Intern

HOLYOKE - The Holyoke Chamber of Commerce recognized Marox Corporation's CEO and Chairman Manfred Rosenkranz as its 2007 Business Person of the Year at an April 24 dinner at the Log Cabin Banquet and Meeting House in Holyoke.

"He is an outstanding entrepreneur and person in the community," said Doris M. Ransford, president of the Holyoke Chamber of Commerce. "That is what we look for when giving the award."

The award, presented to those who demonstrate success as business leaders and active participants in the community, has been given out since 1972 when it was awarded to Daniel J O'Connell. Nominations are brought annually before a select committee, who vote for a recipient, and then chair a dinner where a plaque is presented.

"He is a true entrepreneur, a proven leader, and is active in the community, it is a well deserving award," said Rosenkranz's son Barry who is also President of the company.

Rosenkranz resided in Germany, before immigrating to the United States in 1961. He attended the University of Detroit, earning both a Bachelors and a Masters Degree in Business Administration. He worked with a number of manufacturers in both the U.S and Europe, before heading Atlas Copco for twenty-five years.

Marox Corporation, since Rosenkranz's purchase of the company made the journey from being a defense and small arms industry with work in only one medical product, to becoming a company with 70 employees that focuses its energy in the field of precision machining and assemblies for such things as spinal implants and orthopedic instruments.

Marox has had business relationships with a variety of companies, from the small to others that have appeared on the Fortune 500.

However Rosenkranz's energies and success have transcended business, as he has been an active participant in the community of Holyoke. Currently he is a director for the Economic Development Council of Western Mass and the Holyoke Medical Center. Also, Rosenkranz has made contributions as a member of the Mayor's Industrial Development Committee, as well as a former director of the Holyoke Chamber of Commerce, the city's chapter of the YMCA, and has been involved with the Pioneer Valley Chapter of the United Way for Holyoke, South Hadley, and Granby, where he served as Director in 1991.