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Independant journalist from Anchorage to visit HCC

HOLYOKE On Oct. 26, Dahr Jamail will speak in the Forum at Holyoke Commumity College (HCC). The program will begin at 7 p.m. and will include video images. It is free, accessible and open to all.

Jamail is an indepndant journalist from Anchorage, Alaska who has been reporting from inside occupied Iraq since November of 2003. He writes regularly for the Inner Press Service and the Sunday Heraldn in Scotland, and has also contributed to The Nation, Asia Times and The Guardian, among others. He is the Flashpoints Pacifica special correspondent in Iraq, as well as reporting for other radio outlets such as Democracy Now, BBC, Air America, Radio Hong Kong and many others.

In June 2005, Jamail testified in fron of the World Tribunal on Iraq about his experiences. He has interviewed countless Iraqi civilians, including civilians who were detained and tortured at Abu Ghraib. Through his articles and interviews, he has stated that current conditions in Iraq, under U.S. occupation, are comparable to, and in many cases much worse than, conditions in Iraq under Sadam Hussein and U.S. sanctions. His visit is co-sponsored by AFSC, the Media Education Foundation, Holyoke Community College and many community and campus groups.