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Pluta begins transition

Date: 11/11/2009

By G. Michael Dobbs, Managing Editor

HOLYOKE City Councilor and Mayor-elect Elaine Pluta was scheduled to meet with Mayor Michael Sullivan on Monday to discuss the transitional process after her win over businessman Daniel Boyle on Nov. 3.

Pluta garnered more than 1,500 votes over her opponent.

Since the election, she has been given some information on each city department to review, she told Reminder Publications.

"I'm going to get my feet wet," she said.

The 16-year veteran of the City Council said the most important municipal element to review would be the city's finances, especially in light of possible 9C mid-year budget cuts from the state.

Although Holyoke is in good financial shape, she noted the impact of the 9C cuts would depend on the size of the reductions. Pluta said she would examine to city budget to see where potential savings can be made in anticipation of cuts.

Boyle said he will be "keeping an eye on what's happening in Holyoke."

Rather than consigning his signs to the landfill, Boyle has put them in storage.

He said his first run for elected office was "very rewarding" and that he was encouraged by the support he received.

He acknowledged that Pluta's name recognition was greater than his since she has been both a mayoral aide and a city councilor.

"People are accustomed to voting for her," he said.

Another effort to win the mayor's job, though, is "not outside of the realm of possibility," he added.