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Recent crime sweep yields 101 arrests in Holyoke

Date: 8/25/2009

By G. Michael Dobbs

Managing Editor

HOLYOKE -- Two wars in Holyoke raged on last week -- one to address street crime in the Paper City while the other between Holyoke Police Chief Anthony Scott and the Clerk Magistrate of the District Court.

A recent five day two-part sweep of the city's streets by Holyoke police, federal agents and Massachusetts State Police yielded 101 arrests of people who have been arraigned for previous crimes 1,573 times. Some of the arrestees were released on their own recognizance, while others were charged a $40 fee by the clerk magistrate. The total collected from the arrestees was $2,720.

The crimes ranged from prostitution, to drug sales and procession to firearms violations, unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle to shoplifting. Most of those arrested came from Holyoke, Chicopee and Springfield, although there were also people as far away as New Ashford and Newfane, Vt.

Confiscated during the arrests were 287 packets of heroin with a street values of $2,870; 23 baggies of crack cocaine with a street value of $230; 31 baggies of powder cocaine with a street value of $310; 119 grams of cocaine with a street value of $7,500; 41 baggies of marijuana with a street value of $550; 17 grams of marijuana with a street value of $250; 120 Class "E" pills with a street value of $1,200; 1 9mm semi-automatic pistol' 82 lives rounds of ammunition; and $9,411 in currency.

Scott has been critical of how local judges treat people who appear before and has led an effort for judicial reform in the state. He has particularly critical of courts repeat offenders to the streets with little or no bail.

Scott released a statement last week with the arrest information: "I would like to commend the Clerk Magistrate for doing an excellent job in getting these criminals back on the street as soon as he did by releasing them on their personal recognizance. Over 68 percent of these criminal were released on their personal recognizance. The Clerk Magistrate boosted his earnings for the year by collecting in excess of $2,700 in bail fees over the length of this operation. Despite the actions of the Clerk Magistrate, I believe this operation was successful because of the cooperation of all of the law enforcement agencies involved and the message that was sent to criminals from the surrounding communities. If you come to Holyoke to commit crime or make your illegal drug purchases you will be arrested. I thank each and every civilian and law enforcement professional that participated in this operation."

Those arrested in the sweep included: Fournier, Damien Charles Chicopee; Rzewski, Marc Granby; Gonzalez, Jeovany Springfield; Serrano, Pablo Holyoke; Santana, Rolando Holyoke; Torres, Amarilys Holyoke; Nai, Joseph Ware; Vasquez, Maribel Holyoke; Santana, Arnaldo Jose Holyoke; Jacques, Rene G. Holyoke; Lemieux, Lisa Holyoke; Fortin, Cheryl L. Holyoke; Kras, John W South Hadley; Kennedy, Nathaniel C. Holyoke; Ortiz, Alexander Holyoke; Zayas, Manuel Holyoke; Murray, Patrick Holyoke; Bursmith, Robert Northampton; Gonzalez, Herminio Springfield; Almedina, Julian South Hadley; Ortiz, Raymond South Hadley; Lopez, Karen Chicopee; Whalen, Anthony F. Holyoke; Rivera, Hector Manuel Springfield; Alger, Charlene A. Chicopee; Chevalier, Michael West Springfield; Bonilla, Alejandro M. Springfield; Collins, Matthew D. Chicopee; Provost, Richard Chicopee; Walker, Tamara Palmer; Durand, Matthew Paul Chicopee; Diaz, Joshua A. Holyoke; Vicente, Enrique R. Holyoke Sanchez, Joshua Holyoke; Hernandez, Guillermo Perez Holyoke; Mecteau, Wayne L. Springfield; Mancuso, Taryn Feeding Hills; Gonzalez, Ralph Chicopee; Powers, Daniel J. New Ashford; Santos, Zulma Rodriquez Holyoke; Kornely, Michael Granville; Craig, Jeremy Westfield; Pereira, Francisco Springfield; Kerr, James West Springfield; Hernandez, Fernando Chicopee; Desautels- Dillon, James West Springfield; Rivera, Gabriel A. Holyoke; Ortiz, Rolando Springfield; Diaz, Jose Javier Holyoke; Pabon, Hector Holyoke; Lopez, Josue Springfield; Deleon, Christopher M Holyoke; Gomez, Erick Holyoke; Arroyo, Israel R Holyoke; Rivera, Rufino Holyoke; Ubiera, Francisco Holyoke; Cordova, Carlos Efrain Holyoke; Fontanex, Christopher Holyoke; Zakurdayev, Vladimir Viktorovic Huntington; Figueroa, Pedro J. Hadley; Echevarria, Jesus Homeless; Wales, Robert C. Springfield; Cruz, Karen Springfield; Strong, Lillian F. Westfield; Tabora, Emmanuel Holyoke; Rosado, Alex J. Holyoke; Powers, Daniel J. New Ashford; Vantassel, Sanya L. New Ashford; Castagna, John Northampton; Woods, David J. West Springfield; Morales, Angel Osvaldo Holyoke; Colon, Juan Holyoke; Medero, Angel L. Holyoke; Champagne, Ronald A. Chicopee; Lafrenaye, Irene R. Chicopee; Delhoyo, Manuel Chicopee; Jusino, Richard A Holyoke; Velazquez, Elliot A Holyoke; Lizardi- Velez, Angel Holyoke; Enriquez, Jose A. Chicopee; Devens, Patrick .J Newfane, VT; Rizhuk, Sergey Westfield; Collazo, Raymond Holyoke; Muniz- Espino, Jose Chicopee; Perez, Michael Ramos Holyoke; Caldero, Mayrabed Holyoke; Carrasquillo, Angel Holyoke; Martinez, Hector J. Holyoke; Santiago, Eddie Noel Holyoke; Santiago, Mike A. Holyoke; Sanabria, Miguel A Holyoke; Hale, Rebecca Lynn Chicopee; Santiago, Angel G. Holyoke; Hurlburt, Michael D. Holyoke; Betancourt- Reyes, Fernando Holyoke; Rivera, Emilio Holyoke; Serrano, Hector F. Holyoke; Alverez, Eduardo A Holyoke; Santiago, Mike A. Holyoke; and Ortiz, Joel Holyoke