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Republicans present tax forum

HOLYOKE - An Educational and Informational Tax Forum, sponsored by the Ward 5 Republican Committee, will be held Aug. 23 from 7-9 p.m. at the Holyoke Community College, PeoplesBank Conference Center in the new Kittredge Building.

According to Keith Davis, the event's coordinator, the goal of the forum is to educate taxpayers as to how real estate property tax rates and assessment values are derived and what has to happen in Holyoke to keep future rates and valuations in check.

The forum will present three guest speakers to include Mayor Mike Sullivan, Robert Gilbert, local business owner and longtime taxpayer advocate, and Chip Faulkner, Associate Director of Citizens for Limited Taxation, Davis said. The Mayor will speak on the City's efforts to minimize the property tax burden and will present his vision for the future, while Gilbert will provide an overview of the tax rate setting process and structure, and Faulkner is to present his grassroots citizens' group perspective on Proposition 2-1/2 and the effects it has had on property taxes through the years in urban areas like Holyoke.

"We welcome real estate and banking professions to add to the discussion," Davis said. "We're also planning for a question and answer session."

The forum is a free, non-partisan gathering open to Holyoke and surrounding community taxpayers. For more information, please contact Keith Davis at 1-413-533-4258, or by e-mail at