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Nursing home developers buy Mont Marie

Date: 12/23/2014

HOLYOKE – Tryko Partners LLC announced on Dec. 10 it has bought the Mont Marie skilled nursing home and age-restricted housing on the campus of the Sisters of Saint Joseph.

The order will continue to have access to the chapel, cemetery and the housing for more than 70 sisters through a lease agreement according to Uri Kahanow, director of acquisitions, Tryko Partners, LLC.

When asked about the company’s working relationship with Tryko, Kahanow told Reminder Publications, “We see this as an ongoing relationship with the Sisters and are especially appreciative of this congregation’s integral role in the larger community. With the Sisters leasing the chapel, and providing religious services and support, they will be maintaining their mission. This was their goal when they chose to sell the asset, and we are happy to accommodate it. The Sisters still living on the campus, residing in either the rental housing or the skilled nursing facility. As residents, they continue to have full access to the property and its amenities. The Sisters and all of us here at Tryko have worked hard to make the transition seamless, and we are proud of our resulting success.”

The New Jersey-based company has been operating nursing homes for three generations. The company manages more than 2,000 skilled nursing beds, including eight additional Massachusetts properties.

“This is a beautiful property that holds an important position in the larger community Kahanow said. “We have a deep appreciation of its faith-based population, which will continue to contribute to its strength and character.”

Kahanow, added, “On the marketing side, we will continue to build upon the stellar reputation the Sisters have established over the years and strive to uphold the nursing facility’s deficiency-free five-star rating. At the same time, we will modernize and upgrade the building and work with local hospitals to create programs that address quality care needs in the central Massachusetts market.”