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Committee conducts special meeting

By Natasha Clark

Reminder Assistant Editor

LONGMEADOW On April 22 the Longmeadow School Committee voted to accept 13 School Choice students for FY07.

In a Special School Committee meeting last Saturday that started earlier than its posted time, the Committee discussed the benefits of choice revenue.

Superintendent of Longmeadow Public Schools Dr. Scott AndersEn said that if the Committee chose to accept choice students for the next fiscal year, his recommendation "is to add some students to the ninth grade."

School Committee member Paul Santaniello said that, because monies from School Choice were considered in their budget, they had to take choice students.

"Unless we're going to go back to the budget and cut out $130,000, we better take 26 choice students," Santaniello said.

Committee Chair James Nittoli said he would consider taking 13 choice students, but not 26.

As far as the school district using School Choice as a source of revenue, Nittoli said, "you're in an endless loop. At some point you can't do it this way."

Committee member Robert Barkett suggested weaning the school district off of choice students and lowering the number of slots every year.

The motion to accept 13 School Choice students in grade nine carried.

In other School Committee news:

It was reported at the School Committee meeting that there was approximately a 92 percent deficit in student activity fees. This is due to students not paying the fees associated with their clubs.