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DPW needs residents' assistance during heavy rains

LONGMEADOW With the onset of the hurricane season, the Longmeadow Public Works Department is requesting assistance from homeowners in keeping catch basin tops free of obstructions.

Though New England is not often bothered by the damaging winds of hurricanes, we are more often affected by heavy rains that may lead to flooding conditions. DPW staff tries to keep up with cleaning catch basin tops, but we do not have adequate staff to keep all catch basin tops clear at all times.

In the event of heavy rains it is requested that residents assist with the clearing of lawn and leaf debris from catch basin tops. This will help minimize roadway flooding and avert the problems of October 2005 when heavy rains caused significant damage in Longmeadow.

Residents should also be aware that it is improper to dispose of grass clippings and leaves by pushing them into catch basins. This practice impedes the flow of the drainage system.

For more information, call the Department of Public Works at 567-3400.