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Fine established for false alarms

By Natasha Clark

Reminder Assistant Editor

LONGMEADOW Thirty of 42 articles passed at Longmeadow's Annual Town Meeting last Tuesday, with one article being withdrawn.

A few articles provoked discussion from the public, including Articles 26-28.

Upon its approval, the residents of Longmeadow will now be subject to the bylaw amendments pertaining to fire alarms.

If a person has for his or her home or business a burglar alarm system that results in a police call to the person's home or business, the person is liable for a fee of $25 for a "false alarm" after one "false alarm" in any calendar year. The person shall be liable for a fee of $50 for the third and all subsequent "false alarms" in any calendar year.

The Select Board, after consultation with the Police Department, is authorized to issue regulations to carry out the purpose of this bylaw.

Fire Chief Eric Madison said that these articles were proposed as articles to reduce the number of false alarms and their impact on the police department.

Article 28 also noted that "no owner or occupant of any home or business shall install a so-called 'fire alarm' designed to summon the Fire Department without first obtaining a permit from the Fire Chief or his designee."

According to information accompanying the article, last year the Fire Department responded to 47 false alarms.