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Red Stair Gallery artwork to Calm the Summer Storm

Date: 8/20/2009

Longmeadow's Red Stair Gallery has been receiving praise all over the Northeast as New England's new "Hidden Gem." Now the gallery's owner, Donald E. Munson, has accepted the invitation to show his work at one of the most prestigious sites in Rhode Island, the well-known Belcourt Castle.

With its rich history and astounding architecture, Belcourt will be the enchanting backdrop for a magnificent evening of art and music titled "Calming the Summer Storm," set to take place on Aug. 21. The event also features cellist John Hanifin, a Longmeadow native and pianist Irina Bazik.

Harle Tinney, Belcourt's owner who married into the Tinney family in the '60s, said it will be a magical event.

"John and Irina will give an experience of melody in a surrounding of magnificent architecture, with acoustics which give the effect you are inside the instruments," she said. "When Don showed the painting 'Summer Storm' it inspired the title to our musical, 'Calming the Summer Storm.'"

Tinney said Belcourt is designed for music. In its history dating back to the late nineteenth century, previous owner Alva Belmont sponsored private recitals for her guests. Funds raised from such events as this benefit Belcourt's museum.

Munson is pleased to be a part of the event. "This is great," he said. "Of the works I will display is my new 'Summer Storm' landscape piece. There will also be 17 other works of art including 'Bells Barn,' 'Greenvale Spring' and 'Fall on the River.'"

This event is open to the public and tickets are $25 for adults, $15 for students and $10 for children. Tickets are on sale through the Belcourt Web site, They can also be purchased by calling (401) 846-0669. Guests may also pay at the door. For more information on Red Stair Gallery visit