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Residents may receive water line

By Natasha Clark

Reminder Assistant Editor

LONGMEADOW The Longmeadow Select Board has decided to proceed with design work for an extension of a water line for Dunn Road.

Town Manager Robin Crosbie said they will get cost estimates and try to find sufficient funding. She said the Board would have to go to Town Meeting in the fall with an appropriate funding mechanism.

Residents of Dunn Road have been seeking a water line for the last few years.

A memorandum written by Department of Public Works Director Mike Wrabel last year cited poor water quality, micro-organisms, taste, and color on a low flow main as potential problems associated with extending a water line to Dunn Road.

Crosbie said the lines would have to be flushed frequently and there will be additional maintenance associated with the water lines.

Dunn Road is a dead-end street and the Department of Environmental Protection suggests that a dead-end water line have a hydrant and be flushed once or twice a year.

Crosbie said those issues will be looked into by engineers.

Department of Public Works Director Mike Wrabel could not be reached for comment.