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Business helps fund non-profit

By Chloe Johnson

Staff Intern

SPRINGFIELD Fresh Air Indoor Allergen Services not only offers environmentally safe cleaning services but is also generating money for the non-profit agency, Human Resources Unlimited (HRU) and giving employment opportunities for disabled people.

Fresh Air began a year ago under the sponsorship of Human Resources Unlimited, a non-profit agency that focuses on services for people with disabilities in the Springfield area.

"Fresh Air was created because HRU was given the opportunity of starting a new business. The board decided on a business that focused on cleaning but also on healthier living styles," said Roland Lucier, Operations Manager of Fresh Air Indoor Allergen Services.

Since the rise in the number of allergy and asthma sufferers, indoor allergens is a pretty big problem, Lucier said. The HRU board focused on that issue and environmentally safe cleaning, when applying for the grant, Lucier added.

"HRU applied for a grant and got one from the Davis Foundation to start the business," he said.

"The purpose of Fresh Air is to provide a community service and to also generate revenue back into HRU," he said. "HRU realized the need to generate money for their 'clubhouse' programs."

Human Resources Unlimited offers four "clubhouse" programs that help to provide employment and education opportunities for people with psychiatric disabilities, Lucier explained.

"HRU finds positions for these people, works with them on education, goes with them for job training, finds employments, and helps them with resumes," Lucier said.

Fresh Air Indoor Allergen Services, a intense cleaning service that specializes in removing indoor allergens and non toxic 'green cleaning', gives members of HRU the opportunity of employment, Lucier said.

"Right now, I have a gentleman who's a member of HRU working for me," Lucier said. "He comes out on the jobs and helps clean."

"Stereotypically, a lot of businesses wouldn't hire members of HRU unless it was to reach a quota. HRU supplies their members with job employment opportunities," he added.

"It's a great community business. It's not just about cleaning or having a healthy home," said Lucier. "It's also about utilizing the members of HRU who wouldn't normally have the opportunity of being a part of the community."

For more information on Fresh Air Indoor Allergen Services, call 693-1374 or visit