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Cutler joins senate race

By G. Michael Dobbs

Managing Editor

EAST LONGMEADOW A political newcomer has entered the crowded field to replace retiring State Senator Brian Lees (R- East Longmeadow)

Ronald Cutler, a delivery agent for DHL package service, is one of three Republicans seeking their party's slot on the ballot in November.

An East Longmeadow resident and Springfield native, Cutler told Reminder Publications that he is "a true Republican."

"We haven't had true Republican representation in this district for a long time," he said.

If elected Cutler said he would work to move ahead Republican ideas and beliefs and would not relent on those stands.

"I won't go along to get along, " he added.

He called Lees a "RHINO," a Republican in name only and he blamed the senator for "residing over the decline of the Republican Party."

Cutler said that he would support an income tax rollback to 5 percent and that he would fight for greater local state aid for the district.

"The Springfield [legislative] delegation is ineffective...they come up short," Cutler said on the issue of state aid.

Cutler supports stem cell research but only on umbilical cord stem cells.

He said that legalizing casino gambling in the Commonwealth is a very difficult issue. He doesn't believe casinos are "the right fit" for urban areas, but added that he would consider them. He is concerned about the millions of Massachusetts dollars lost to Connecticut casinos. He does think the state is being hypocritical about gambling as it supports a state lottery system.

Cutler is against same sex marriage and against civil unions. He supports "marriage as it has always been: between a man and a woman." He would like to see the voters of the Commonwealth decide the issue.

He said that his view is not a "campaign against homosexuals. They can do what they want to do."

With potential increased rail service making news, Cutler said he thinks it's a good idea and would support it as long as there were no tax increases necessary to pay for it.

Cutler is married and has two children.