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CVS to be newest addition to Sixteen Acres

Date: 6/8/2009

By Natasha Clark

Assistant Managing Editor

SPRINGFIELD Over the last few years the Sixteen Acres section of the City of Homes has been transformed. Peoples Bank, Fresh Acres, Wings Over Springfield, the expansion of Pride and the renovation of the Greenleaf Community Center have revamped the neighborhood.

Now, the City Council has recently approved the go-ahead of a brand new CVS at its center. The current building where Ameritax and Fancy Nail Spa is located on the corners of Wilbraham Road and Parker Street, the former site of the defunct Quality Child Care facility and the ARA Convenience Store will be razed to make way for the multimillion-dollar project.

Based in Connecticut, the Colvest Group, which is behind the project, has been a part of many business ventures throughout the city.

"We think the city is a good market and we think that there is still a lot of population in the city and it's a good place to do business," Colvest President Frank Colaccino said.

The CVS project would contribute in excess of $90,000 a year in taxes. It will also create 35 to 40 new jobs.

Sixteen Acres Civic Association President Clodo Concepcion said it would be a boost to the economy. "What I want, as many residents, is [a project] that will serve the community and look presentable. In my opinion this will end the renaissance of Sixteen Acres."

"With the conclusion of this project, it will finally end a long chapter of potential for the site. It's a good long-term solution people in Sixteen Acres can be proud of," Colaccino said.