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Cupcake vies for official designation

Date: 4/17/2015

SPRINGFIELD – The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has an official desert – Boston Cream Pie – an official muffin – corn – and an official chocolate chip cookie – Toll House – and if state Rep. Angelo Puppolo Jr.’s legislation is approved it will soon have an official cupcake.

To be exact it will be the Boston Cream Pie cupcake baked by Dino Facente at his Koffee Kup Bakery on Liberty Street.

Puppolo met with Facente on April 14 to announce his legislation that would create the designation.

The cupcake came to prominence when then candidate Charlie Baker campaigning at the Big E was introduced to it by Facente at his booth at the fair. Baker visited the bakery last October and has ordered the cupcakes on several occasions.

Facente said it is not only Baker’s self-described favorite dessert but a “lucky charm” for the governor.

“Maybe in the back of his mind it’s a little rabbit foot,” Facente said with a smile.

Facente developed the cupcake 10 years ago to solve a problem at the Big E. Fairgoers just didn’t want to buy a standard size Boston Cream Pie and carry it around the grounds, he said, so he created a mini-version.

The publicity from the governor’s preference for the cupcake – it was served as inaugural events – has helped business, Facente said.

“We had our best January ever,” he noted.

Puppolo said his simple bill – it consists of one sentence – has received the support of other lawmakers and state Rep Brian Ashe also met at the bakery to show his approval.

Ashe said, “It’s a great thing for Western Massachusetts.”