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Mediums Day to benefit church

By Courtney Llewellyn

Reminder Assistant Editor

SPRINGFIELD The myths and the things you see on TV about mediums and spirits can be very wrong, according to Rev. John Sullivan of Springfield's First Spiritualist Church.

"When you see a spirit or a ghost, it means that person is trying to tell you it's still alive," Sullivan said. "It's not always what you expect."

The First Spiritualist Church will be hosting a "Psychic Fair/Mediums Day" on Oct. 13 at its location of 33 Bliss St. in Springfield. The event was first organized as a fundraiser in 1987 and has since taken place two to four times a year.

Sullivan said the proceeds from the event, which also includes a bake sale and book sale, will go toward maintaining the church. "We'll be installing new windows, making the building more energy efficient," he said.

The Mediums Day provides 15-minute private readings for interested or curious parties for donations of $20. The mediums are from Springfield, Easthampton, Hartford and Manchester, Conn., and Rhode Island.

A medium is someone who acts as an intermediary between this world and the world of spirits, according to Sullivan. He suggested those who plan on attending Mediums Day think about what issues they'd like to discuss and what relatives or friends they'd like to contact before coming for a reading.

"Although it's very popular, this is not a day for games. This is something serious," Sullivan stated. "Most people are drawn in by curiosity. They want insight on their issues."

He stressed that the contacted spirits do not tell people how to lead their lives. "They give advice," he said, "and then you put your energy toward a solution."

Sullivan mentioned a previous reading he performed for a woman. "There was a blue light in her midsection, and the spirit of one of her relatives said, 'Unless you want to be with me, you need to go to a doctor.' She went to a doctor and there was an issue in her abdomen. She told me afterward, 'I was a little concerned, but I'm so happy I went.' The spirits help to give you some life direction," he said.

In addition to serving as a reverend at the church, Sullivan also hosts a radio program called "Beyond Life" Sundays on 1250 AM at 8:30 a.m., replayed at 9:05 p.m. For past broadcasts, visit Sullivan's Web site can be viewed at

The First Spiritualist Church will be hosting a fundraising spaghetti dinner on Nov. 3, which will also include an afternoon workshop of John Edwards-style gallery readings. A presentation entitled "Investigating the Paranormal" will be shown as well.

For more information, call the church at 732-1234.