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Peter Pan invests in new buses

Date: 12/6/2013

By G. Michael Dobbs

SPRINGFIELD – Peter Pan Bus Line is making a hefty investment in its future.

One of nation’s largest privately own bus companies announced recently it was purchasing 42 new buses for its fleet.

The new buses will feature wheelchair lifts, three-point seat belts, Wi-Fi, power outlets, and a modern style restroom. Each new bus costs about $500,000.

Kimberly Haile, the marketing director for the company, said that Peter Pan has seen an increase in ridership and the investment will “in the long term will pay off.”

She explained the high cost of gasoline and additional road tolls make taking a bus more affordable. She noted the amenities offered by the new buses put them on the similar level as Amtrak.

The new buses, in accordance to a legal ruling, will also be equipped with seat belts. Haile said that about 50 percent of the current Peter Pan fleet has seats belts and eventually it will be 100 percent.

Some of the new buses have begun arriving, Haile said and the rest will be added throughout 2014.

The buses that will be replaced will be sold for their parts through Peter Pan’s Coach Builders company, Haile explained.

“This is the largest amount of new buses being purchasing in our company’s 80 year history. This equates to a brand new bus entering our fleet every week and a half. This busy and exciting period represents a substantial modernization of our equipment along with our commitment to having America’s most modern fleet. The new clean-diesel engine technology helps the coach reduce emissions and burn less fuel,” Peter Picknelly, chairman and CEO of Peter Pan, said.