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School Committee approves new superintendent's contract

Date: 7/31/2012

By G. Michael Dobbs

SPRINGFIELD — It is the contract equivalent of the "tale of the tape" in boxing.

Last week, the Springfield School Committee voted to approve the contract for Daniel Warwick as the new superintendent for the state's second largest school district.

Compared with the contract negotiated by the Finance Control Board for Dr. Alan Ingram, Warwick is a cheap date.

Gone are a number of the controversial perks that drew the attention of local officials and residents to Ingram's compensation package.

During the last year of his contract Ingram was making $257,023 in total compensation. Warwick will be making $198,500.

A life-long resident of the city, Warwick will not receive any of the relocation expenses — more than $53,000 — that Ingram received.

Warwick will not have an annuity like Ingram, into which the city annually paid $15,000.

Warwick will not have a $650 a month payment for automobile expenses. Ingram received that in lieu of mileage, tolls and parking.

Although Ingram had a severance package that gave him 18 months or payment to the end of his contract, which ever was less, Warwick has no severance provision.

Although Ingram had a schedule of raises the four years he was here, Warwick will have a 2 percent cost of living raise for each year of his term and an up to 3 percent increase based on the performance of the school district.

"My main ambition is to lead the district's effort to improve student achievement. I'm not motivated by money," Warwick said. "I consider this contract fair and reasonable."

Warwick announced several personnel changes and re-organization as his first public act. He said that Kate Fenton, who currently serves as Chief Schools Redesign Officer, would be the Chief Instructional Officer.

Warwick eliminated the position of Chief Academic Officer and instead created the job Common Core Administrator in its place. He appointed Dr. Natalie Dunning to fill that position, which will be funded by a grant, therefore saving the district money.

Warwick also dissolved the Senior Leadership Team and in its place re-instituted the Instructional Leadership Team and added an Operational Leadership Team.

An assistant superintendent has not yet been appointed and Warwick said he would be posting a job opening for that position.