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Animal Shelter Renovation Inc. ousts board members

By Katelyn Gendron

Reminder Assistant Editor

WESTFIELD On July 2, Laura Maceyka, acting president of Animal Shelter Renovation Inc., sent a letter to project supporters explaining recent board room events that eliminated the organization's president and vice president.

"In the best interests of the corporation and its ultimate goal to fund and operate a NO-KILL animal shelter for Westfield and the surrounding communities the majority members of the board has voted to remove both the president [Kenneth Frazer] and vice president [Patricia Frazer] of the corporation," Maceyka wrote.

"The previous president and vice president of this corporation failed to keep the remaining members of the Board of Directors informed of decisions made outside of the board room that directly affect the direction of the corporation. Threatened dissolution of the corporation by the former president is cited in the official document voted on by the board," she wrote.

When asked about the validity of the aforementioned statements, Patricia said, "Both of those things are totally incorrect and I would swear to that. Any decision that we ever made was made for the protection of the board and its people and the volunteers and members who gave money [to fund the building of a no-kill animal shelter]."

Patricia explained that disagreements among board members about rules of order during board meetings created conflict.

She added that ultimately the breaking point came over a conflict about how to safely keep the organization's documents. Patricia explained that it was agreed that only the board president and secretary would have a key to a lock box, which would store the documents, however, the treasurer disagreed. She claimed that the treasurer refused to turn over important documents to be stored in the lock box.

When asked if she would remain within the organization, Patricia said she "would have to seriously think it over."

She noted that she and her husband were completely unaware of the meeting conducted by the board to oust them from the organization.

"This is something that happened and I was never notified of it or that there was a meeting or where it was going to be," Kenneth said. "Until I find out what's going on I really have no comment to anybody."

Maceyka said the board is hoping that Kenneth and Patricia will remain with the organization.

"We have no ill will toward Pat and Ken and they probably see it that way," Joanne Perry, treasurer of Animal Shelter Renovation Inc., said. "What has happened is strictly what the board feels is the best for the organization. We feel that Pat and Ken are good people and we hope that they will continue to be involved with the project."

Maceyka explained that the board will be moving forward with its mission to establish the shelter with the change in leadership. She added that the organization has raised approximately $50,000 of the $400,000 required to build the shelter.

Maceyka noted that the board will be discussing replacements for the president and vice president positions at their next meeting on July 10.

The next public meeting of Animal Shelter Renovation Inc., will take place on July 15.