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Benefits to aid infant child, family with medical expenses

Date: 8/30/2013

By Katelyn Gendron

WESTFIELD – Kane Barlow-Miller, 1, was just two days old when he had open-heart surgery to help repair seven defects. He’s surpassed expectations throughout the past 12 months, surviving to celebrate his first birthday but not without significant medical costs.

“What the family says is that he’s constantly writing his own book, he’s not reading what they’re telling him,” Patty Wright, family friend and organizer of the Baby Kane benefits, told Reminder Publications.

“Kane also has a rare blood disease, a rare lung disease, and several chromosomal defects. Despite all this, Kane is a bright, happy 1 year old – and this Westfield/Russell baby needs constant medical help to stay that way,” she explained. “He needs to see a cardiologist, pulmonary specialist, allergist and nutritionist in Boston every month, has a visiting nurse, and undergoes routine complicated procedures because his condition is so complex.

“Kane has maxed out his medical insurance for the year, and appeals with the insurance carrier has restored coverage for only PCP [primary care physician] visits and prescriptions. While other benefits have been held that helped pay for Kane's health care, costs continue to accumulate which his health insurance will no longer pay for,” Wright continued.

The next fundraiser for Kane and the Miller-Barlow family will be a tag sale Sept. 6 to 8 on Lockhouse Road, followed by James Cawley’s “The King in Concert” An Elvis Tribute” at East Mountain Country Club on Oct. 4.

When asked why she’s taken on the task of fundraising on behalf of the family, Wright replied, “I just don’t believe that anyone should have to decide if their family should eat or keep their child alive [by paying for his treatment].”

To make a donation to the tag sale, to donate raffle prizes for the Oct. 4 fundraiser or to buy tickets, contact Wright at 977-9138 or Tickets can be purchased and monetary donations can be made online at