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Children learn through fun

The Amelia Park Children's Museum (APCM) in Westfield offered special science programs last week to children on school vacation. Each day, Tammy Keeney, a certified science teacher, visited the museum to teach the children a different hands-on science lesson. On Wednesday, the children learned the difference between physical and chemical changes. To demonstrate a chemical change, Keeney had the children do something she said they are probably not allowed to to at home - they chewed up three Goldfish crackers and spat them back out onto a napkin. She explained that the crackers went through a chemical change because they could not return to their original form. Keeney also had the children prepare brownie mix to explain chemical change, among other activities. In this photo, she is showing the difference in the brownie mix before and after baking. The program was made possible through a grant from the Westfield Arts Council.

MetroWest Reminder photos by Michelle Symington