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Citizens said no to handicap machine at election

By Erin O'Connor

Staff Writer

SOUTHWICK Town Clerk Michelle Hill might have been caught off guard when no one used the new Auto-Mark voting machine during town elections on May 8.

City officials had just welcomed the machine that makes it easier for disabled people to vote the week prior to the election.

"No one used it," she said. "The elderly came in with walkers and they do not want assistance."

This election, Hill's first as town clerk, had an overwhelming Republican victory in the town.

Arthur Pinell, a Republican won over the incumbant, David A. St. Pierre, Democrat, for the Selectman seat that was up for grabs in an 846-700 vote.

Hill said the candidates were well organized and distributed a lot of literature during the election. "The turnout was probably increased based on the literature going around and or Southwick residents' groups type of things," Hill said.

Robert K. Johnson, Republican candidate for Assessor, defeated J. Patrick Ayotte, the Democrat incumbant, in a 794-696 vote.

Sylvain P. Tribault, Republican candidate, defeated Petra Gervais, Democrat candidate for the Housing Authority seat.

Michelle Ackerman, Republican candidate, will serve on the Parks and Rec Commission and defeated Ralph W. Naylor, Democrat.

Nancy M. Zdun, Democrat candidate for Library Trustee, ran unopposed and was elected with 1,075 votes.

Rosalyn Terry, Republican, will serve a five-year term on the Planning Board; Robert M. Johnson, Republican, will serve a three-year term on the Planning Board; and Casimir M. Tryba, Independent will serve on the Board of Health.