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College has farewell reception for WSC president

By Erin O'Connor

Staff Writer

WESTFIELD "This is a bittersweet occasion," said President Vicky L. Carwein to members of the College, the Public and the Board of Trustees in a farewell reception on July 12 in the lobby of the college administration building at 333 Western Avenue.

"Events in your life cause you to conspire to make a decision. Here I have so many good friends, grateful times and experiences being here," she said.

After thanking all of her friends and colleagues for their support, she focused her audience on issues that she wanted to reiterate of importance.

"I will come back for the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Washington Street School," she said.

"It is important because the College is reclaiming a part of its history," she said. "It makes a statement to the community about the school's commitment to graduate education and making a connection with downtown area."

Carwein mentioned the progression of the I-3 Program during her office and how she would like to see it continue in this pattern. The program provides seed money for the creation of new programs for the College.

"Ideas are only ideas unless other people think they are good ideas and then work to make them happen," Carwein said.

Carwein expressed her wishes of the College continuing to play in a federal arena through the stimulation of creative thinking and doing interdisciplinary work.

"In closing, what you hope that what people say about you is that you are remembered for having encouraged and supporting the College and remembered for taking risks and doing things differently," said Carwein.

"In academic universities you can't be afraid to take risks or be afraid of failure. If you don't take risks you miss out on the big things. Have the desire to take some risks and try things differently," she said.

Carwein concluded her speech by inviting members of the audience to come and visit her at her new placement as chancellor of Washington State University, Tri-Cities in Richland, Washington, stating that its location is right in the middle of "wine country."

Carwein's seat is being temporarily filled by interim president, Barry Maloney, vice President for Advancement and College Relations while the Board of Trustees initiates a search for her replacement. Carwein's resignation was announced in mid-June.