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Funds raised for Senior Center double in a month

Date: 10/31/2014

WESTFIELD – In one month of fundraising, the Friends of the Westfield Senior Center has doubled its total from $100,000 to $200,000 to put towards furnishing the new senior center, according to President Tom Humphrey.

The group announced it would begin its capital campaign on Oct. 1, naming Westfield Bank as the campaign’s lead donor. Westfield Bank contributed the initial $100,000.

Humphrey said the subsequent donations have come from a handful of sponsors, contributing different amounts. The names of the second lead donors will be released some time in November, according to Humphrey.

Those who donate to the project will become sponsors of different parts of the center. Humphrey said that there is “visibility in what they sponsor.” Westfield Bank has been named the sponsor of the Great Room, a common space for participants, while others have become sponsors of anything from a room or office to a bench or window.

“We have been successful so far in creating that type of campaign,” Humphrey said.

Not only has the sponsorship served as an incentive, the time-sensitive nature of this chance is something that Humphrey has stressed.

“This is a one time opportunity. This is a Senior Center in Westfield,” Humphrey said. “Once it’s built, that’s it. That person’s name is there forever.”

Though $200,000 has already been raised, the group has a goal of $500,000 to put towards the senior center’s necessities.

While Humphrey knows he and his group have a way to go financially, he believes time is on their side.

“We don’t really need to have funds in hand until June of next year so we have some time to continue the campaign,” Humphrey said.

Construction broke ground in August of this year and is projected to be finished by the fall of 2015.