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Humason to run for re-election

Date: 3/17/2010

March 17, 2010.

By Katelyn Gendron

Reminder Assistant Editor

WESTFIELD -- State Rep. Donald Humason Jr. will run for re-election, but whether he'll have an opponent or not has yet to be determined.

Humason is the only person to have taken out nomination papers for the 4th Hampden District, according to the Secretary of State's office.

"I definitely intend to run for State Rep," he told Reminder Publications. "Look for me on the ballot in November. I'll be there with a wink and a smile."

When asked why he's chosen to remain in the House, Humason replied, "This is my dream job.

"There are going to be many new faces on Beacon Hill in the fall in both the house and the senate," he continued. "I'm very much hoping we can boost our numbers as Republicans."

Humason added he believes Scott Brown's victory in last year's Senate race "got people energized," especially Republicans, to become involved in Massachusetts government.

He explained that if re-elected, he would continue to lobby for the city's best interests and support education, infrastructure improvements, local libraries and all the facets that make him love Westfield.

Humason cautioned that the job won't be easy. He explained legislators are looking at cutting local aid, when he and others have been hoping for at least level funding in the upcoming fiscal year.

"It will really hurt Westfield," Humason said of the impending cuts.

He added the city has always managed to pull through, however. Humason said that state funds have been granted to Westfield, including monies for the Great River Bridge project, which will be completed this year, and financial backing for infrastructure upgrades to Main and Broad streets.

"I'm not alone," Humason said in his efforts to better city life. "It's no harder for us in government than it is for the taxpayers."

The deadline for the required 150 signatures is April 27. Elections will take place on Nov. 2.