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Moseley students visit Kosinski's Farm

By Erin O'Connor

Staff Writer

WESTFIELD On Oct. 11 kindergarten students of Moseley Elementary School visited Kosinski's Farm on Russelville Rd.

The students, accompanied by teachers Peggie Burke,Nancy Ryan, teacher assistant Vicky Gurley and four chaperones, picked apples in an apple orchard where they enthusiastically sampled the product.

They were transported through the farm by a hay-filled wagon pulled by a tracter.

The next stop was a corn maze where curious five-year olds ventured through a maze that was constructed completely out of corn stalks!

The conclusion of the trip was a treat of warm cookies and fresh apple cider that was prepared by none other than Mrs. Kosinski herself.

Children left the farm in good spirits on the sunny fall day and before aboarding the bus to return to school each student chose their own pumpkin to take home.

For more information about Kosinski's Farm please call 572-4344.

The Parent Teacher Committee (PTC) at Moseley Elementary School will be having a fundraiser event at the Italian Club on Catherine St on Nov. 15.

Vendors will come and show off their goods that will be available to be purchased. Goods will consist of items that range from gem-stone jewelry to house hold tupperware products.

Vendors are welcome to sign up and participate in the event for a small booth rental fee. The money goes directly to the School's PTC committee.

If you would like to participate as a vendor or if you are a member of the public looking for more information please call Linn Canty at 562-1544.