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Museum to be built at Barnes Airport

By Erin O'Connor

Staff Writer

WESTFIELD On June 9 the Airport Commission gave their approval to the Pioneer Valley Military and Transportation Museum, Inc. (PVMTM)to start building on city property at 20 Airport Road a Prototype Museum. This will be their first phase of their plan to have a "living" museum of transportation, with a focus on aircraft, military and civilian transportation history.

The temporary museum is a 20' by 60' building with no actual permanent foundation so that it will be possible to move it at some point in time.

"It will not be the permanent location of the museum," said Dorothy Foley, secretary for PVMTM, "due to not enough room and parking. It will house all the items that will be in the actual Museum."

A large display of some of the items to be in the "prototype" and actual museum took place at the Air Show in Westfield last weekend sponsored by members of the PVMTM. Some of these items included muscle cars, WWII memorabilia, and transportation vehicles of all kinds.

"This will be the first museum in the area that houses items that are still in movement," said Foley in explaining what distinguished it from the New England Air Museum located near Bradley International Airport.