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‘Psychic Bridges’ made throughout the Valley

Date: 2/11/2014

By Lori Szepelak

WESTFIELD – Picking blueberries with stonewalls in the distance was the message that resonated with Debbie Post during a recent mediumship energy workshop.

“I made a connection with my past,” Post said following a reading she received from Rick Boisvere, one of the mediums who practices at the weekly psychic workshops known as “Psychic Bridges.”

David Moquin, who originally started “The Living Room Psychic Workshop” in his home six years ago, has relocated the gatherings to the Hampton Ponds Association building, 39 Old Stage Road, since attendance has grown from four people to more than 50 on some evenings.

“Psychic Bridges is a system of workshops based on the knowledge that life and individual consciousness continue after physical death and that those in the spirit world can and do communicate with those in the physical world,” Moquin said during an interview with Reminder Publications. “They guide, inspire, protect and teach us.”

Moquin added that the gatherings “are dedicated to the promotion of love, light and healing for the positive spiritual progression of all those here and in the hereafter.”

The weekly gatherings are conducted from 6:45 to 9 p.m. and the cost is $10 per person to cover hall expenses.

On the evening of Jan. 28, more than 30 area residents from across the Pioneer Valley braved the near zero temperatures in the hopes of making a connection with a loved one who has passed.

For friends Lori Kurtz and Anne Barsalou, both attended to learn more about psychic connections.

“This group has peaked my interest since I am curious,” Kurtz said, noting this was her third visit.

“I listen to Hay House Radio all the time so I enjoy learning more about spirituality,” Barsalou said.

As mediums walked around the room in no particular order, they provided messages to those attending for the first time and most were not disappointed from the messages they received since tears were flowing and a lot of smiles and nods of agreement were seen across the expansive room.

On a typical Tuesday evening, Moquin and Boisvere present an overall presentation of “Psychic Bridges,” followed by a meditation and readings. For those who have already attended an orientation session, special workshops are offered in the basement. Recent workshops have included topics on past life regression and Reiki. At least once a month, at approximately 8:30 p.m., everyone gathers for a special presentation by a guest speaker.

Recent guest speakers have included Michael Kilday, author of several books on the changes of the earth and our role in it, and Harry Kroner who spoke on life regression hypnotherapy. On Feb. 11, a program is planned on how to work with the angelic realm to help preserve Mother Earth.

Moquin noted that those in the spirit world support the choices and decisions we make of our own free will and assist us in using, creating and directing healing energies for others and ourselves, and we, through our intentions, do likewise for them.

“Although we are open and accepting to discussion of all faiths, philosophies, beliefs and practices, we do not promote or negate them,” he said.

Moquin encourages area residents who are open to spiritual communications to consider attending a meeting.

“Mediums and spirit healers are also welcome,” Moquin said, adding that every gathering is different because of the energy of those in attendance that evening.

Moquin noted that everyone who attends learns that “to love, to give, and to learn to reach our own spirit guides and loved ones is what this is all about.”

Bringing one’s best energies for the highest good is the ideal frame of mind to have when attending one of the gatherings, according to Moquin.

“We are all born with healing energy abilities,” Moquin said, adding that the exercises that are taught will assist those who wish to learn more for their own spiritual journey.

Gatherings culminate with “final words” by Moquin of health and healing, followed by individuals having a chance to talk to the mediums one-on-one while enjoying refreshments.

For more information, contact Moquin at 568-0523, 454-3546, or